Topsoil Delivery Not a Pro-tractored Move

Soils and Stone employ tractors to meet tight topsoil delivery deadline

Just two days before the opening of a new luxury car showroom in West Sussex, the phone rang in the Soils and Stone office.

The customer needed 15 loads of topsoil to complete the site’s new planting scheme. And they needed it fast.

This was a high profile and prestigious complex which demanded the highest quality material.

The Soils and Stone team leapt into action.

We proposed a fully compliant British Standard BS3882:2015 certified topsoil. This would deliver a consistent, compliant, top quality product guaranteeing complete peace of mind with each and every load.

Even with the relatively small volume of material, tight time frames coupled with restricted and unusual site access created a few initial concerns. But the team put their heads together and came up with a solution. Thinking outside of the box, we suggested delivering the material via tractors.

“It was a tight deadline, but despite this, we were able to make sure that the showroom could go on. We focus on delivering quality solutions. With British Standard certified topsoil we are confident that our client will see their plants flourish and thrive. What’s more, as a team, we can bring different and more creative ideas to the table to get the job done” says Ozzy Cecil at Soils and Stone.

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Posted on: 8 March 2019

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