No Skipping Delivery for Soils and Stone

Our clients’ requirements are often very varied in terms of scope and timeframe. Sometimes the project is a rapid turnaround of materials, others are more long term, extending over many months. Whatever the demands of works, we will deliver consistent, reliable and repeatable service.

A London-based client, with a network of sites and depots across the UK, instructed Soils and Stone as the sole supplier of skips to support their waste management programme. A complimentary addition to our muck away and hazardous muck away services. This project was to extend over a 12 month period and would involve the delivery of multiple skips across multiple locations. Each skip drop, exchange and collection, had to be managed across the different platforms of the organisation.

Organisation was key, so Soils and Stone ensured a single point of contact was always on hand to understand client needs, liaise with site and ensure all schedules were met. The goal was to remove any administrative headache and with over 400 skips delivered by the end of the project this could have been significant!

“It is always a thrill to have a long-term project with a client so that we can not only showcase our commitment to high-quality service but also prove that our high standards never waiver. Long-term, multi-site projects demonstrate just how successful investments in providing quality service are.” says Ozzy Cecil, MD of Soils and Stone.

Posted on: 5 August 2019

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