Ready-Mix Concrete

On a busy construction site, ready mix concrete provides both a time saving solution coupled with the peace of mind that the correct mix is being used!

Soils and Stone can supply any quantity of quality-assured ready-mixed concrete, whatever the size of your project.  We work with trusted UK suppliers to provide a range of products suitable for all construction projects, both commercial and domestic, including foundations, flooring, driveways and paving.

Most concrete mixes use a combination of water, aggregate (sand and stone) and cement but in varying ratios.  In addition, in some specialist mixes additional materials are added, these include accelerating chemicals to speed setting, plasticisers and retarders to slow setting.

Soils and Stone ready-mixed concrete is available as frost resistant, coloured and from C10 through to C60, the highest strength mix available

Our mixes (by strength) include:


Widely used in the construction industry for foundations, concrete pads, drainage applications and non-structural applications Strip footings; trench fill foundations; stanchion bases; non-reinforced foundations; oversite concrete and bindings under slabs; floors with very light traffic; mass concrete.

C15 and C20

Widely used for floors without embedded metal and flooring and lightweight domestic/residential applications such as driveways and garage bases.

C25 and C30

Widely used in a variety of commercial and residential projects including foundations and footings, trench fills, pavements and lighter external applications including driveways and walkways.

C35, C40, C45 up to C60

Heavy duty concrete mix that is suitable for commercial construction applications including piling, foundations, footings and roadworks and for agricultural use particularly in exposed rural areas.

Soils and Stone will supply ready mix concrete in volumetric quantities, so you won’t have to worry about ordering too much or too little, or as pump-to-pour.

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