Asphalt is a mixture of course and fine aggregate, filler aggregate and a bituminous binder and is widely used in many construction projects including roads, car parks, driveways and footpaths.  What’s more it can be classed as eco-friendly as it can be recycled and reused!

Soils and Stone provide a range of asphalt base, binder and surface courses.  Our asphalt ranges includes:

Surface courses

The surface course is the layer that is in direct contact with the traffic load and its smooth surface improves traction and reduces skidding.  The surface layer should be tough enough to prevent distortion from traffic as well as prevent excessive water getting into the layers beneath.

Our surface courses include:

AC6 dense surf 100/150 for lighter traffic areas such as footpaths and low stress roads such as access roads. speed roads or access roads.

AC10 dense surf 100/150 and AC14 dense surf 100/150 is suitable for low speed roads and those with light traffic.

Binder course

The binder course sits between the surface and the base course where its key function is to distribute load to the base course.

Our binder course includes:

AC 20 dense binder 100/150 is normally used between the surface course and the base course and is suitable for footpaths and light traffic areas.

Base course

The base course is immediately beneath the surface or binder course and provides extra load distribution and sub-surface drainage.

Our base course includes:

AC32 dense base 100/150 which is normally used in high-traffic areas where weight needs to be displaced to avoid distortion.

All Soils and Stone asphalts are available across the UK and are and fully compliant with Highway Work Specifications, ensuring a consistently reliable product each and every time.


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