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Tree Pit Sand

soilsstoneamsterdamtreepitsandStructural tree sand was developed in Holland in the 1980s, and is often known as Amsterdam tree pit sand. It’s ideal for urban tree planting where a tree root ball is planted to close to an area where there is high pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Why use tree pit sand?

  • Specifically developed to resist compaction
  • Enables the tree pit to withstand heavy footfall
  • Allows the free flow of oxygen and moisture and improves drainage
  • Promotes healthy, strong root growth
  • Prevents damage to pavements or roads through subsidence

Soils and Stone Tree Pit Sand is manufactured from a blend of specially graded sand mixed with rich organic material.

Soils and Stone supply Tree Pit Sand around the UK.  Call one of our team today to discuss your project requirements.

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