Specific purpose topsoil

A specific purpose topsoil may be appropriate in certain specialist horticultural and landscaping applications which require a particular mix of topsoil to enable plants, trees and shrubs to thrive. Specific purpose topsoil is not for use in general landscaping applications.


Specific purpose topsoils may be manufactured or blended, although in some cases it is naturally occurring. They are best described as having one or more of these characteristics: low fertility; ericaceous/acidic, or calcareous.


All our specific purpose topsoil is available loose or via industry standard bulk bags. A variety of delivery options are available, including delivery by grab or tipper lorry or hiab crane off load.

Low fertility topsoil

Low-fertility topsoil is essential when creating species-rich and bio-diverse habitats such as wildflower meadows. Low-fertility topsoil has reduced levels of nutrients, particularly phospohorus (which acts as enabler for plants to exploit other nutrients such as nitrogen), potassium and magnesium (NPK).


Soils with low fertility allow wild flowers to flourish and can inhibit the growth of grasses and weeds.

Ericaceous/acidic topsoil

An assessment of the soil pH value can establish whether your topsoil acidic, neutral or alkaline.
Ericaceous/acidic topsoil is in high demand because certain trace elements are only available at a lower pH of 6 and below.


Soils and Stone supply ericaceous/acidic topsoil that conforms to the requirements of British Standard BS3882:2015 specification and has a pH of 5–6. This is suitable for acid-loving species such as azaleas, rhododendrons and magnolias.

Calcareous topsoil

Calcareous topsoils are those with a pH of 7 and above, and are found in areas of chalk and limestone.

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