Soils and Stone Hits the Back of the Net

As sports enthusiasts, Soils and Stone were thrilled to be a part of an extensive demolition and rebuild of an entire football ground. Our client wanted to bring together a small collaborative team to complete the project. For Soils and Stone this meant using not only our muck away and waste management services but also […]

Published on: 26 March 2019


Ready-Mix Concrete to the Rescue

Here at Soils and Stone, we strive to deliver excellence through round-the-clock customer support. As such, we regularly work on quick turn-around projects with little to no notice.¬†Recently, our client contacted us with an urgent last-minute requirement. Asked by their contractor to use a bespoke ready-mix concrete on site, they needed a supplier with the […]

Published on: 18 March 2019


Topsoil Delivery Not a Pro-tractored Move

Soils and Stone employ tractors to meet tight topsoil delivery deadline Just two days before the opening of a new luxury car showroom in West Sussex, the phone rang in the Soils and Stone office. The customer needed 15 loads of topsoil to complete the site’s new planting scheme. And they needed it¬†fast. This was […]

Published on: 8 March 2019


Triple Threat Asbestos Removal No Match for Soils and Stone

A time critical project, an inner-city central location and a site contaminated with three types of asbestos. This was no ordinary hazardous muck-away project! Asbestos is a term for a group of minerals made of microscopic fibres. Before its dangers were known, asbestos was a popular building material. It was often used as an insulator […]

Published on: 6 March 2019


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