Lightweight roofing topsoils

Soils and Stone lightweight roofing topsoils are perfect for planters and podium planting, roof gardens and green roof projects.


Why is it important to have specific mix?  


Lightweight Mix roofing topsoil should be…


  • nutrient-rich environment for healthy plant and vegetation growth
  • free-draining
  • lightweight
  • water retentive
  • slow to breakdown


Combining topsoil, compost and a high proportion of lightweight aggregate, our lightweight roofing topsoil is typically one-third lighter than regular topsoil.


Soils and Stone Lightweight Roofing Topsoils includes:


Lightweight Mix:  a blend of British Standard compliant sandy loam, PAS 100 compost, fibre and 4 – 10mm lightweight aggregate.   With nearly 40% lighweight aggregate, our Lightweight mix combines low density with enhanced drainage making it an ideal solution for roof gardens.


Roof Mix: a blend of crushed brick, lightweight aggregate and PAS 100 compost.   Rich in nutrients such as potassium and magnesium to establish plant growth, our Roof mix combines the low density provided by lightweight aggregate with the increased porosity and water retention of brick.   This is a great medium for green roof schemes.




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