Top BS3882:2015 Topsoil Each and Every Time!

One of the UK’s leading landscapers commissioned Soils and Stone to supply and deliver over 7,000 cubic metres of British Standard BS3882:2015 fully compliant topsoil to a large scale new residential park development.



Two critical measures needed to be met.  First, with the development being time critical site, the ability to deliver large quantities of material over a short time frame was a key deciding factor.  Secondly, all materials needed to adhere to the highest standards, so for complete peace of mind routine BS3882:2015 certification testing was conducted every 25 loads.



“Our aim is to deliver the highest standard of topsoil for every one of our clients.  And, in return, it is important for our clients to know they are getting the best quality each and every time.  On this project, regular on-going BS3882:2015 certification testing, ensured our client could be certain that what they received to site was both consistent in quality and fully compliant. What’s more, when working on an important community based project, being able to deliver such a large volume of material in such a timely manner was extremely rewarding.” says Ozzy Cecil, MD at Soils and Stone.

Posted on: 18 October 2018

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