Muck Away Management Wins The Day!!

Working in a busy city can be a challenge and never more so than when there’s a large volume of material to remove in a severely limited time frame. Just to make it more complicated, add in the muck away being hazardous and you could have an interesting logistical headache!

Fortunately, for one such project in Edinburgh, the team at Soils and Stone were on hand to get the job done as quickly and trouble free as possible.

The site was located in a busy, urban area of Edinburgh, where in excess of 2,300 tonnes of hazardous muck away needed to be removed quickly and safely.

The area had heavy traffic and was governed by rigorous delivery restrictions. With this in mind, working closely with the site managers, Soils and Stone were able to work flexible shifts and complete the muck away project within an agreed 10-day window.

Ozzy Cecil, MD at Soils and Stone continues ‘Following the correct protocols was essential. As a  result, all 2,300 tonnes of muck away was disposed of at a registered landfill and in accordance with strict EA guidelines, ensuring that no other area was contaminated in the process. Soils and Stone’s rapid turnaround meant that this traffic restricted site can now continue as a cleaner and healthier area.’

Posted on: 8 November 2018

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