Dig Deep – Basement Sand Removal

Sun, Sand but no Sea by Soils and Stone

Ever wondered what happens when you dig out a large basement?  Soils and Stone do!  Back in April when we were basking in beautiful sunshine above ground, Soils and Stone were supporting a Main Contractor below it!

The project, a prestigious housing development, involved a large basement dig for six new homes.  Once on site, Soils and Stone were commissioned to remove over 150 loads of sand.  Not only was this to be completed in a very short time frame but the material needed to be disposed of with minimal environmental impact. Director Ozzy Cecil continues ‘With more and more emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions, this project provided a great opportunity to not just muck away materials but to be able to recycle and re-use them too!’

With the project now complete, it will be interesting to see who moves in!

Posted on: 29 August 2018

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